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Mental Skills Training for Today's Visual Athletes.

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Mental Skills Training for Today's Visual Athletes

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​Tony  is the Founder and Director of Performance at Frozen Ropes, a US-based company that offers support to professional and amateur athletes and coaches with an emphasis on the mental and visual part of performance.


As a Certified Open Focus coach (COFTC), Tony has been featured in Sports Illustrated, The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, ESPN and has been a performance coach to several Major League Baseball teams, numerous college programs, and Olympic athletes.

He is a regular on the speaking circuit in the US and internationally, with recent presentations made in Dubai, Italy, France, Germany, Holland and Japan. He is a multiple presenter at the  ABCA and NFCA National Conventions for baseball and softball.


Tony has taught Sports Psychology at several colleges and provides a real world perspective on mental performance training and its application both on and off the field.  His recent book, Beyond the Ball has been recognized as a "must read "for today's players and coaches.

An Overview of Visual Psychology

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Team & Individual Training

Tony Abbatine with Arizona Baseball

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