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Ready Set Go...1440 times today to get it right.

You have 1440 minutes in a day, (60 minutes in an hour times 24 hours in case you failed 5th grade math!)

You need more time to study?

Disconnect from your I phone and the social media world for a longer periods of time and see how much more time you are buying for uninterrupted study or work.

You need more time to practice your sport or work on a big project?

Commit to a certain time that no matter what, you will make that a priority.

At this exact time, I will get this done. Getting stuff done is also a great sense of accomplishment and will get you a dose of endorphin which acts as an energy boost.

In the 1440 opps you have daily, these are mandatory if you are on the verge of greatness:

Talk to a stranger and get them to smile.

Laugh like you heard the funniest joke ever for the first time. Tough to be stressed and laugh at the same time.

In the middle of class or work, count backwards from 25 to 1 while taking slow, full breaths and picturing a gorgeous sunset, beautiful ocean or a scenic mountain view. Your choice!

Sing out loud a song that makes you feel kick ass and want to fight Rocky Balboa. On the field, in the toilet, at a staff meeting.

Bigger the audience the better the feeling!

5 points for each opp. above.

Need at least 20 points to get another 1440 to try it all over again!

1440- own it!

Ready Set Go...1440 times today to get it right.

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