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The Chase to be Great. The Journey starts with defining Greatness.


Today is Easter Sunday as many around the world celebrate the Greatest Show on Earth; how one Father gave his son so that others could seek greatness forever.

Defining greatness goes beyond your house of worship or the status attained in today’s material world.  Some say you never actually become great; that the journey itself is an act of greatness.

I would define Greatness as You are becoming your best version of yourself.  Indeed, it is more of a lifestyle than it is a prize.

 I hope my GREATNESS grid reminds you of how close all of us are in achieving Greatness:

G         grind.  work when no one is around and for the pure sense of improving a skillset.

R        readjust your course and strategy when your inner voice says Plan B

       engage with the world, your teammates, your coworkers, the general population.

        Find every person and event you encounter as an opportunity to connect your world to others.   

A       aptitude. Be well-read and well-spoken and study the sciences and the humanities both. Speak with compassion and without prejudice and challenge the words and assumptions when needed.

T      time. Be a time Cherisher.  Slow down and savior the magical 1440 minutes a day we all have to live in. Listen and ride your breath the next time you feel time is your enemy.

N      no. Learn to say No when others conveniently say Yes.  Discipline your time with activities and priorities that give you the best chance to become your best You.

E      emotional control.  Thoughts are choices. Feelings come from your thought selection. Your emotions are a by product of your feelings. Choose wisely. You are one thought away from emotional control.

S    sweat. Challenge your body and heart daily and learn to not sweat the small stuff!

S   smile.   Never underestimate the power of your smile when seen by others and the internal warmth it generates for you.


Word to the wise. Chase peace, chase fulfillment, chase a connection to a higher Source.

                                                    That’s when true Greatness is attained.






Enjoy the journey to greatness but as you say in can be achieved in so many ways within yourself and helping others. Not always achieving success in front of friends or fans ……..

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Well said O. Love u🗣👁

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