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Belly buttons and Focus; Are you an Innie or an Outie!

Belly buttons. We all have them.

Some of us have belly buttons that are outside looking and others have belly buttons that protrude in. Not much you can do at this point to change that unless you have silly money for a plastic surgeon!

Focus for athletes needs to stay inside.

By paying attention to their inner thoughts and focusing on their mindset and emotional meter,

The game become easier to control and result oriented thinking ( outties) is eliminated.

Big games, runners on base, bases loaded situations live in the outtie world. We don't think throw strikes or got to get a hit , all outside focus that sabatoges our performance.

To compete at your highest level, your focus must stay internal:

Slow and smooth


Easy breathing

Been there done this

See the ball

No fear, look at me!

Learning to play inside is the ultimate skill of any athlete. Only then can you truly control the only thing that matters once the game starts; your mindset and inner voice.

Belly buttons and Focus; Are you an Innie or an Outie!

Staying Inside the Ball ! Every great hitters mindset. Are you an Innie or Outtie hitter?

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