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Forget Netflix...Your  new power Channel is BestFlix.

Stop watching reruns of Walking Dead and Pretty Little Liar and start producing and watching your own video masterpieces.!

Call it what you want; visualization, imagery, rehearsal, daydreaming, your ultimate weapons of mental dominance are BestFlix!

The brain doesn't know the difference between reality and imagination. Explains why you woke up in the middle of the night with your chest pounding, sweating and convinced there was an ax murderer under your bed. 

Whether you are taking batting practice, rehearsing your opening statement or "seeing" the best way to break up with your annoying boyfriend, it's time for Best Flix:

5 simple steps to making an Academy award Best Flix:

Quiet time.  Before going to bed, early in the morning, bus rides, on deck circles, bathrooms.  Listen to your slow rhythmic full breaths and start the camera, Start with a quick 60 second mini series and increase your video length as you improve in focus and details. 

Start simple. 

 Picture a red elephant in a black dress, something simple!

As you improve your production and editing skills, play the video from different camera angles and in real speed. The more details the better to trick your poor little brain to repeat the video later! Change episodes, practice swag walking, body language of superheroes, any part of your game or life that needs an edit!  Add audio at some point. Again, the more realistic the better chance you have of winning the trophy and going on auto play later!

Don't get frustrated if you see "black" or the images don't appear the first few times!

Take a DEBBIE ( deep exaggerated breath, easy) and slowly see the image, movement patterns you need to rehearse.  Be patient!

Steven Spielberg's first few movies weren't good either. 

If you can see it, it becomes real. Stay committed and schedule time(s) daily to 

Produce, edit and play!  

Yes, Find time to BestFlix everyday, at least once a day. Boring clsss, go to movie land. Long shower, pop in a quick movie!

If you can't find time, then it really wasn't that important to you and instead of feeling prepared, you will be hoping for a different outcome instead of  just plugging in your 

" done this already" movie.  

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