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Are you an Ass or an Asset to yourself.... and others?

 Hear it all the time in the sports and biz world.

He's his own worst enemy. She just beats herself up all the time. He's a head case. She is out of control. He's a perfectionist.  

It's a simple choice: Your mindset can be your greatest tool in performance and everyday life or the enemy that restricts your growth as a player and person and eventually gets you back on the bench or fired in real life. 

Will your thoughts and mindset be an asset or an ass to you today? 

The classic phrase, Attitude is a decision says it all. 

Each day, each game we have a conscious choice to bring optimism, trust and true belief into our tasks. Only with preparation and hard work   (as in the rap chats, best flixs and laughter tools blogged about previously) can we regulate attitude. The same way you can decide to be miserable, feel sorry for yourself and let other people's opinion effect your smile and  your swag, you can go to plan B and act, think and feel like the bad ass in all of us ( bad ass is a good thing)!

Ask yourself if you are a coach, parent or teammate if you are an ass or asset to your players, child or teammates performance:

Do I compliment more than criticize?

Do they trust me?

Do I pick them up when they need comfort and confidence the most? 

Today is the day. 

No different than picking out what shirt to wear today, you decide the most powerful muscle in the human body will be your greatest asset today. 

Like lifting weights, if you don't work at it regularly, the muscle doesn't get stronger!

WMDs rule.... 

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