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How Michelangelo and Manny see the world!  No look seeing!

Artists and athletes have more in common than you think!  

Whether you are one of the greatest painters or hitters  in the world, how you see and view the world is an art in and of itself. 

We are all missing out on a lot of visual masterpieces by focusing hard and looking for specific "things" in our daily viewing. 

I introduce to you Open Focus!  

How Michelangelo and Manny see the world!  No look seeing!

Open Focus is the way to look at nothing and see everything. I know it sounds crazy, stay with me and I'll explain!

Open focus ( how your eyes and mindset are working when you are sitting on the beach watching the ocean waves and faraway boats or a gorgeous sunset set on the nearby mountain range) allows our eyes to be automatically drawn to that part of the visual field that is calling for attention at that moment 

Open Focus is the effortless way that your eyes were meant to see.  Hours of staring at  books, computer screens and  IPhones has taken its toll on most people's eyesight and ability to practice open focus.

Close to 50% of today's young people will be near sighted ( can't see far away) before they reach twenty years old!

Manny Ramirez  and other great hitting artists learn to focus and concentrate less on their visual task, ( predicting when this round object will cross the plate)  and can then see more of the pitchers visual cues and more effectively move their eyes to see where the pitch is going, not where the pitch used to be!

Practice open focus everyday and your drawing and hitting skills may become legendary. 

Look at nothing and see the world and oncoming curveballs clearer! 

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