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Look like a loser and you become one. Win before you start!

You have one chance to make a first impression. 

We've all heard that before but how true it is on the ballfield and the corporate boardrooms every day. 

The Fab 4 in winning before the game starts

Own it every day and watch the admirers grow:

1. Walk like you are floating on air. Like we tell our sprinters, " the ground is the enemy". An upright posture with a heads up shoulders back bad ass look will intimidate the pitcher and make your co-workers  think you just walked out of a casting audition for the next Superhero movie!

2.  Losers frown and their facial nothingness makes them look ready for a zombie role in Walking Dead.  Winners have life in their eyes, smile like a Hollywood starlet and have facial animation skills like a Disney character.  Smile and hit it a mile!

3.  " like, umm, you know, ahh"

 Losers  use empty words when they are too dumb to say something intelligent or should just shut up and listen. Get rid of the nothing connecting words in your vocab and sound like the smart intelligent person you really are!

4.  Appear to be a champion listener!

     When others are talking, physically engage and give their words and ideas a chance to penetrate your stubborn mind. 

Lean in, nod and show expression as they pour their heart out. Maybe they are the ultimate drama queen or dumb ass but for that moment, you were a big league listener.      

Win every day. It's s choice not a chance. 

Look like a loser and you become one. Win before you start!

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