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A daily dose of ALPHA! The ultimate wave to ride today.

"In the pursuit of knowledge, every day something is added. In the practice of meditation, everyday something is dropped.

Tao Te Ching

Before you fly off to Tibet to learn from the Monks and Zen masters, a quick lesson in how to experience a Staycation ( a vacation without leaving your home or office) is in order. Here we go.

Don't get overwhelmed with the basic science class first!

Brain waves.

Measured by an EEG.

(Bonus blog points if you can remember and spell Electroencephalogy).

Human brain waves come in 4 major categories:





A daily dose of ALPHA! The ultimate wave to ride today.

Remember all of them if you want to appear smart when you are hanging with some of your nerd friends. For today, we are locked into Alpha time!

Alpha is the state of mind when the brain wants to reflect, be quiet and is open to imagery. It is where the hardcore mediators spend most of their time.

For now, you need to hang in Alpha for just a few minutes a day!

Alpha time! Let's go.

1. Pick a quiet place.

2. Learn to breath deeply and fluidly through your diaphragm is key ( Google diaphragm if you can't find yours).

3. Stipulate a set time and place each day.

Mornings are best but the key is a daily dose of Alpha.

4. Choose a comfortable position.

A reclining chair or if you lay down, keep your head elevated. Do not fall asleep!

5. Wear clothes that are loose and comfortable. Muscles and stomach have to be able to "breath".

6. Take a few warm up breaths. Inhale and exhale several times through your nose.

Imagine the ballon in your stomach is filling with each breath. Exhale slowly when the balloon is filled.

Start slowly to yourself, counting the breaths. Eventually, you will replace the numbers with a word!

Your goal is to remove all thoughts so you can follow your breath. Not easy to do at first. That's why they call meditation a practice.

It may seem strange that strong and intelligent men and women should simply sit or lie still to improve their mental well being.

Remember, a glass of muddy water is best cleared by leaving it alone.

Our daily congestion and stress are best cleared through a trip to Alpha land.

Find the time each day to take the trip.

Maybe it's only a two minute ride at first.

Might have to be on the bus ride or sitting in the locker room or in the conference room alone.

Eventually it will be a luxury 10 minute vacation! Get to Alpha...

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