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May 1. The Day to turn April seeds to  May flowers!

So for about a month you have been reading my blogs and for a few minutes you get a chuckle and a " ahaha" moment and you get back to your normal hectic life. 

It's May 1. Time to pick a few topics and take it to your daily activities.  Your choice, go back and select the one or two strategies, write them down or put in your phone or share to the world on social media that today starts your action plan. Lazy to review?  Here's a few reminders:

Put the donut down and drink your hunger craves away ( not happy hour). 

Disconnect earlier from the faceless world of social media and get 45 minutes more sleep this week. 

Find time to get to Alpha daily. ( meditate).

Refine your rap chats and edit your best flix for a nightly stroll into your "best ever" highlight reel. 

Talk to and smile at strangers that may have more crap going on in their lives than you. 

Call the mood police quicker this month. The first sign of a " criminal" thought, drown the  accused with positive rap chats. 

May 1. Take thoughts to flowers today!

 On the verge. Which way are you going? 

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