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Three second rule in dropping food changing thought to actions!

We all know the 3 second rule in food drops right?  

If you drop food on the floor or ground and you are able to pick it up within 3 seconds of the drop, the universe says it's okay to eat it!

Optional if you want to kiss it to God or anyone else upstairs you consider your Source! 

That's been the unwritten rule since the cavemen have been careless with their meals.

The 5 second rule is a cousin of the 3 second rule. 

Simply, if you think about something you should be doing or a mindset you need to better accomplish a task, give yourself 5 seconds from the thought to act or change the mindset:

Thought: I'm a lazy, fat slob this week. 

Action: Roll of the couch and do 10 push-ups within 5 seconds 

Thought: I have so much studying to do today. 

Action: Get your ass out of bed and start studying. 

Thought:  I'm going to have a bad day today. 

Action: Plug  in a rap chat and turn the day around quickly. 

No matter the situation, The 5 second rule gives you time to reflect and puts you on the clock quickly to do something that needs to be done or replace the stinkin thinking that may derail you for the day. 

Dropped Food or lazy thoughts, get on the clock! 

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