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The beauty and life lessons in tragedy.

Live like you were dying. 

Tim McGraws country song lyrics are the ultimate reminders to all of us how precious every day is and that the Present is a gift we all are allowed to unwrap each day. 

Think about the emotions and feelings that engulf us when we lose a loved one or hear that a friend or relative is terminally ill. 

We feel sorry, we are angry and then finally realize how lucky we are to be alive and healthy. The unfortunate tragedies we all experience should be the ultimate wake up call to stop and "smell the beautiful roses" and also:

Say I love you more often to the people in your lives that matter. 

Forgive those that have dissapointed or hurt you. 

Truly appreciate all that you have, not what you think you need. 

Yes tragic events are terrible. The true tragedy continues when the survivors don't change their actions and mindset about life...

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