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The 3 biggest mistakes parents and athletes Selection process.

Every season we see the same pattern of behavior that derails so many players chances of finding a good fit to continue their sport at the college level. Can you and your parents handle the truth?  Here we go:

1. I'm an all-star, all region, hit .400 my junior year. Who cares. College coaches aren't interested in local accolades that have no relevance to the hundreds of other players they are evaluating. Do you have the technical skills to play at the next level? That's it. In baseball, can you hit or run fast, hit with power or play defense like a vacuum cleaner. Can you pitch 85 mph? 

Players stop improving their techincal skills once they make a high school team thinking that their skills are good enough to play college or the high school coaches job is to improve their individual skills. Wrong on both account !

2.  Start looking early. Your son or daughter may not know what or where they want to study or attend college but learning about different colleges and their athletic program should start after your freshman year. Thanks to the internet, you can take virtual college visits and introduce yourself to coaches in the middle of the night!

3. Do your homework on the coach and the program. See how many players on the current roster are from your state. Talk to parents and current players  and get the real scoop on the coaches personalities. If you really want to go to a particular school, sell your talent and transcripts early to them!

Let's review:

Keep getting better on the individual skills your sport demands. 

Start looking early. Make an informed decision once you think you are ready to select a school. 

There's a college athlete program out there for everyone. Keep it real with expectations and don't wait for the coach to show up to your doorstep with a full scholarship.  

Oh, and once you are in college, work harder than anyone else on the team on and off the field so you have no regrets when your college career is over. 

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