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When in doubt or fearful,what the S in Superman stands for!

 Too bad we all don't have super powers to access throughout the day in dealing with life and athletic challenges.  The best we can do is borrow the from Clark Kent turned Superman when the heat gets turned up in life and on the playing field is to believe in the S:

Sing is the thing. 

If you look closely Superman has ear buds in as he listens to his favorite pump up, kick butt, destroy the villain song. 

Replace doubt and wandering thoughts with a song and its lyrics and rhythm that absolutely convinces you that the situation you face is but a mere pimple on the universe you own and control. 

No need for an iPod, play the song in your head anytime you want. 

Smile like a child. 

Tough to be afraid or a worry wart when you have a genuine smile that tells the world and yourself that you are protecting the universe and yourself from evil forces!

Watch a Superman re-run and notice the smile on his face when he is flying through the air or sees Lois Lane. 

Slow is smooth. 

Yes, Superman moves and flies at speeds faster than a speeding bullet and leaps tall buildings in a single bound but he does it with the smoothness and grace of a ninja warrior.  Slow down to be the insightful, thoughtful Clark Kent so when the situation calls for it, you change gears and clothing to become Superman.

Slow is smooth. Smooth is quick!

Sight over fright. 

Superman can look through walls with his x-ray vision. He's too busy seeing and looking for danger than to worry about it!

The brain is really good at doing one thing at a time. Let your soft calm eyes be the leader as you battle the villains and life's noise.  Superman's confident look tells all that the world is safe. Your eyes and making seeing, not stressing the priority, tells you and the world you are still a super hero! 

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