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Pull the trigger. Good,bad or wrong. Make a decision

Dealing with complex problems in life is no different than what hitters, goalies or basketball shooters do on a daily basis in games.

Be on time. 

The best Executives and hitters make timely decisions and get a large percentage of them to work. 

Define the problem. 

Know the situation and what you are trying to solve before jumping into action.  What's the score and what do I need to do here to drive in this run? 

Take in all relevant data before making the decision. 

See the ball longer and deeper. Hitters and big time biz people  review relevant information longer and clearer than others!

Don't waffle. 

No check swings or maybe thoughts. Once you decide to go, no regrets or indecision.  You can't score the winning goal or climb up the corporate ladder without taking a ton of shots and making hundreds of decisions, no matter the outcome!

Trust your gut and your eyes. 

Hitters trust their eyes more than their thoughts when deciding and high level executives, after deliberating, go with their instincts when making choices. 

See the problem, work the process then let it fly!

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