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The building of your own Rap Chats in your Pursuit of Excellence.

Do you remember Rap Chats?

Your own positive self suggestions / inner voice/ self-talk/ song/ little person in your head chatter we all need to kick ass when life gets fast and mean. 

Make them your own, keep it simple and take the time to create and replay them over and over again when circumstances and events get challenging.

Use the menu below as a starting point to build and believe your own shorter personal Rap Chats!

I am in control of my own thinking, my own focus, my own life.  

I control my own thoughts and emotions and direct the whole pattern of my performance, health and life. 

I control the step in front of me. 

I learn from setbacks and through them I see room for improvement and opportunities for personal growth. 

My powerful mind and body are one. I free them to excel. 

Every day in some way I am better, wiser more focused, more confident, more in control. 

I embrace the failures and fears of my life as true learning and a must for personal and athletic excellence. 

I choose to excel. 

Now build your own personal rap chats around these powerful messages!

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