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Day 4:14 WMD challenge!

Open focus  time!  

At least 4 times today switch your gaze and mindset into open focus. 

Open focus requires you to gaze out and look at nothing and see how much more movements and actions you take in.  Get outside to take the challenge or look out the window if you can't.  Eliminate any thoughts as you allow your eyes to take over you!

Day 4:14 WMD challenge!

Listen to your slow DEBs ( deep exaggerated breathes) and let your eyes take in all that comes into your world at the time. Soft, non-judgmental seeing will replace hard narrow laser looks. Don't move your head just let your eyes slowly sweep and scan whatever movements or objects become important at the  moment. 

30 seconds is all you need in open focus. Set your clock and get Open!  120 seconds total today is all you will need to feel and see the world. 

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