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Understanding and improving Focus levels in competition.


The most overused command in sports and  the education world!

We lose it,we focus on the wrong stuff and at times, we overfocus. We are told by well intended coaches to FOCUS, which many times, increases stress and focus on the wrong  stuff occurs 

As athletes, let's review the many layers of focus and when one is more appropriate than another.

Scan-  visual focus that sweeps and scans objects like a freelance painter brushing the canvas. The eyes are in "free see" mode with rhymic movements at the world. 

Switch off time-  between pitches or lulls in the action where the player comes off the game focus intensity level. 

Open focus -  looking at nothing but seeing it all. The cousin of scan focus  but with no rules or patterns. Open focus is best right before the action starts. 

Internal focus-  A reconnection to your breathing patterns, muscle tension, rap chats and best flix video. 

Process focus - concentration and review 

of the players rehearsed  pre-actions and routines. 

External focus -  Target acquisition time! 

 The pitcher committed to the catchers glove, the outfielder locked in on the cut off Infielder.  The hitter committing to see and "be" the oncoming ball. 

Fix Focus - The time to reflect, repair and review a recent setback or mistake and prepare to select one of the preceding Focus levels described to get back to play!

Focus. It doesn't have to be an empty command anymore. Choose wisely the next time you need to Focus! 

Create your focus menu and order up your favorite dish when you need it the most. 

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