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Beyond Mechanical Madness: Solving Real Performance Issues!

The classic question I ask coaching audiences everywhere. How much of your players performance slumps are mental or visual related?

The answers range from 80- 99%. 

If that's accurate then how much time in practice or team priorities are you the coach spending on that part of the game? 

I get a blank look or an expression of "help". 

Here's a starting point to get out of the mechanical world as a player and coach:

The eyes are the gateway to the brain and the Windows to the soul. If you are going to control  your emotions and control your body it starts with your visual habits. End game.

Ask yourself and your players WHAT, HOW and WHEN are you looking at the ball, the catchers glove or the defense (depends on the priority task). 

Stay visual in your teachings. Athletes live and play in the visual/see world. 

Teaching your players to first check in and be aware of their eye habits is the work of the master teacher!

Am I tight and overfocused on a target?

Have I left the magical  world of Open Focus? (when I look at nothing I see everything)

Should my focus be internal now ( controlling my breathe, feeling my ideal rhythm and tempo)?

Can I better time my windshield wipers (intentional blinks) during the task at hand?

Should my visual priority be closer to me rather then on the endgame target? (release point, contact angles, or hitters barrel when playing defense).

Focus on the visual fix and watch your performance and your players see the light!

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