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Unleashing Potential: The Diamond Dozen Advantage

Why do some players  eventually "get it" and their performance remains consistent  or in some cases skyrockets? 

Why do some show glimpses of brilliance only to be run over by the  stress bumps of a game?

How can an athlete or a performer make every day closer to a "wow" performance?

I present to you for your reading and "doing" purposes, the Diamond Dozen of Doing:

1. Autopsy the short term noise dives. 

 A candid no fluff self-exam of what happened and the thoughts, mindset and  emotions just before the crash. 

2. Failure to feedback loop.

An automatic reaction to failure that includes you asking what,why and how and when do I get another chance!

3 Pay attention to details.

Every part of your pre-game, in-game, post-game and training time gets reviewed for pitfalls and clues. 

4 Be a Control freak and embrace chaos.

The never ending journey to control ones thoughts,images and actions in high stress situations. It's a journey, not a destination. Chaos is life. Those that more than  get through life, have this bizarre sense of enjoyment when chaos arises. 

5 Be a WMD ( weapons of mental dominance) warrior. 

You can read blogs and listen to coaches and psychologists preach this stuff but without you owning it, practicing it and applying the "stuff" every day, the journey is to nowhere. 

6. ID and prioritize your weaknesses. 

The great ones minimize their game weaknesses by maximizing their practice and training time in the areas where their deficiencies lie. 

7. Personal over performance failure.

When you suck or fail, you still love you. You don't abandon you when you need you the most. The great ones don't define their self worth based on a boxscore or a coaches opinion. 

8. All in or get out. 

It needs no explanation. Either be the biggest participant in your own rescue or get out of the ocean. Either go for it or stop pretending. 

9. What are you giving up to get to the top?

Sorry, it's the D word again. Discipline.  What are you giving up to have more time,energy and sleep to be your best. Discpline is the foundation to all success stories.  

10. Process and patience.

You trust your everychanging blueprint to achieve your goal and exhibit patience when anger and frustration would be much easier.  You are not derailed by results that aren't perfect or immediate. 

11. Perspective 

You think you have problems or your life sucks?  Turn on the news or visit a children's hospital and realize your blessings. Every day is a gift. That's why they call it the Present. 

12. 1440.  Be a Time warrior. 

That's how many minutes in a day we all have to use. Those that enjoy life and reach their potential are masters at time management and get more stuff done the right way than others and still have time to look at sunsets and oceans!

The Diamond Dozen. Bridge the gap! 

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