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What are you giving up to go up?

Simple formula.  

You want to better your life, both on and off the field? Subtraction is the math of champions:

1 Less time eating food and drinks you know are not the breakfast of champions.

2. Less time wandering through Snapchat and more time sharpening your Weapons of Mental Dominance!

3. Less time watching mindless Netflix and more time sleeping. 

4.  Less time complaining about how your life sucks and more time working on how to fix it. 

5.  Less time reliving your past poor performances and more time prepping the crap  out of the next great one.

6. Less time dwelling on results and more time creating and trusting a process and plan that will hold your hand come stress time. 

7. Less time telling people you are committed and more time actually doing stuff to excel. 

8. Less time worrying about tommorow and more time making NOW your new playtime!

9.  Less time trying harder or focusing harder and understand the difference between effortless power and powerless effort. 

10. Less time after struggles playing the victim and more time being an active participant of your own rescue.

What are you giving up to get up? 

Less is more!

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