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You need your Mini meds daily!

Meditation. The word conveys a certain stigma and " weirdo" tag. It's for Tibetan monks and spiritual people we think. Wrong. So wrong. 

When you shut up and take your "meds" daily, you start to really notice the garbage and external shit that is rattling through your head. 

The goal is to quiet your mind of the chatter so you can connect to your inner voice that has all the best answers. 

Mini-meds connect you to You.  You want to play in the zone or perform in the no think mode like the elite?  Mini-Meds are the channel. 

Why daily mini- meds?

Brings us present 

Opens us up to recieve unlimited information and ideas 

Relaxes us 

Relieves stress 

Strengthens our intuition and ability to focus 

Allows us to hear our inner voice more clearly 

Fills us with light and love 

Helps us love ourselves  

3-5 minutes a day. 

Stop with the "I'm too busy" BS. 

Don't get me started with the tech addiction that, according to Apple,has us all checking our phones every 11 minutes and 15 seconds to check on our fake friends and preys on our insecure needs to stay connected. 

Sit in a comfortable position on the floor or in a chair. Cross legged position is optional.

Sit up straight and relax your face, especially your jaw and forehead. 

Close your eyes or keep them open. Your choice. Gaze softly at the outside world. Remember open focus?

Focus on your breathing. Notice it moving in and out of your body. Slow and steady, Let your breathes find their own rhythm. 

Gently release any thoughts that come into your brain and refocus on the breath or the open space in front of you.

Not rocket science but done daily it could launch you to finding your best you more often!

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