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The FOS test. Are you full of Sh.. or full of Solutions?

How many people do you meet in sports and in real life that have all the answers, always play the victim, blame the world and then try to convince you that they are working their ass off or are committed to accomplishing amazing feats?

Yes, we all know many who fall into the  FOS category. 

The next time you are confronted with someone that imagines and prays  for success or tells you how hard they are working,remind them (or you!) of the following:

1. You always have choices when you get kicked in the teeth; count the busted ones on the floor and cry or get up and be thankful you still have a few more teeth to fight again.

2.  WTF.  Remember that one?  High performers always Work the Fix in troubled times rather than Wallow in the Fog of pity land.  Choose your WTF wisely or observers will put you in the FOS category.

3. Always gets down to the D word you don't want to hear about any more... DISCIPLINE.

Get off your butt and sweat. Shut your mouth and stop eating donuts. Get off your phone and live in real time. Get to bed sooner so you are not a zombie during the day. Listen to your own thoughts rather than live on others opinions.

Are you or a loved one Full of Sh.. or full of Solutions?  Its never too late to change teams!

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