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Convicts rock.  Why conviction is the glue to performance levels

One could say that elite performers and convicts are born from the same crib.

Criminals. They are imprisoned for their behavior and actions.

Once found guilty and incarcerated, they become convicts. Their freedom to wander and be undisciplined is removed. Their days are spent inside and the outside world is but a perceived event that exists beyond their walls of control.

Elite athletes. Their conviction and imprisonment to their training schedule is mandatory. The structure and regiment to their nutritional needs is institution-like. Their conviction to repeat the same routines and mindset in practice as in live performance is beyond escape. They are inside-outside performers that view the outside circumstances as neutral and beyond their control. Their freedom to be lazy and sloppy,both in thoughts and actions is non-negotiable.

Criminals become convicts. Performers become elite. Pick your jail time.

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