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The Best get Rich strategy ever. Building Mental Wealth currency.

There are over 180 different currencies in the world including the new virtual currency. Currency is defined as a medium of exchange for goods and services. A new currency has now emerged over the last few years as all our lives have been changed by the Pandemic.

Mental Wealth Currency. The medium in which we build emotional health and a richer life for ourselves.

MWC (Mental Wealth Currency) is built on the following five principles:

Attitude - A no brainer but the foundation of all principles. Attitude can be a choice each day or when faced with an unpleasant or unexpected event. Glass half empty, half full, optimism vs. pessimism, happy vs. sad, however you define attitude. This is a mindset decision we all control. Sleep, nutrition, and ample sweat time (activity that gives you a cardio rush) are all key factors in attitude trends!

Gratitude - You want wealth beyond your imagination. Find appreciation and thankfulness in all you have and see around you. Give thanks and pay tribute to all the people and events in your life that you took for granted before. Commit to RAKE daily; Random Acts of Kindness Everyday and watch your gratitude bank account grow. Send an unsolicited message to someone from your heart. Talk to person sitting by themselves. Appreciate and give thanks to the red cardinal flying past your window. Anything and everything in your daily life becomes an opportunity to be thankful for if you stay in Grat mode!

Aptitude - We all have a gift, a hidden passion or potential to do certain things. Find yours and feed it with curiosity and the time to grow it. Be in a learning mode each day. Expand your reading and knowledge base into new topics and concepts as you stay committed to finding your true calling! It’s okay if you have no clue what you want to “be” when you grow up. Just grow your intelligence and competency in everything you stumble upon each day. Build your emotional intelligence each week by improving your verbal and written communication skills along with your active listening skills. Tough to be depressed or anxious when each day you commit to be your very best version of yourself.

Perspective - The cousin of the Gratitude principle but from a broader perspective. You think you have it tough or have a monopoly on bad luck? Look around each day and see what and how others are dealing with circumstances that make your struggles seem minimal. Go visit a children’s cancer hospital or think about the homeless person you ignored on the street last week that has no food or shelter tonight. Reconnect with a relative that lives alone or has battled an illness for years but still has hope and love in their heart. Perspective is the ultimate tool for those that always want more or who wallow through the day playing the victim card to the world. Each day, check in with the world around you and find strength in who and where you are in life compared to others.

Energy - Ditch the resting bitch face and exude an aura and zest for life face others can connect to and also makes you feel alive again. Energy is the light source, spirit and soul all humans have within us that, at times, gets beaten down from life’s challenges. Pray, meditate, journal, laugh like a toddler each day; whatever it takes to jumpstart your inner spirit and fuel your contentment and love for life.

Notice the first letters of each of the principles combined? AGAPE. Google it if you must but Agape is about love at its highest form. Love life, love yourself and love others.

Increasing your Mental Wealth is a daily investment. You can bring that to the Bank!

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