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What's under your uniform? Internal dashboards for all Players

We all know what a great performance looks like from the outside. As we watch ourselves or others play at the highest level or even in the neighborhood, execution and success are obvious. We see it. What we don't see however is the stuff inside that allowed for the action to be "right". Way before the overnight success story is seen by the world, days months, years of training have occurred. Knowing the difference between train mode and game mode is crucial. A few traits for each are listed below:

The Training vs. Game Mindset Matrix



  • Active Mind

  • Judgmental

  • Scientific

  • Calculating

  • Critical

  • Controlling

  • Uncomfortable


  • Empty Mind

  • Accepting

  • Instinctive

  • Artistic

  • Patient

  • Playful

  • Rhythmic

Be aware what mindset you select in each event and catch yourself when wandering into the wrong column. Disciplined training time allows for players to switch mindsets during competition. Lazy, sloppy focus levels in training will always show up later when it matters. The cliche advice of "Just have fun...Trust your Stuff.. Let it happen...Relax... fall on deaf ears with players that have not switched dashboards based on the setting.


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